PhD Thesis (director’s cut)

My thesis is finally signed, sealed, delivered, filed, and ready to see the bright light of day. Feel free to take a look, browse, poke around to learn a bit about mass-action dynamics, simplicial complexes, the Global Attractor Conjecture, and how they’re all related in pursuit of building rigorously understood mathematical/computational tools on top of nonlinear dynamical systems. Or, for a look at the Minimum Rank problem and its computational complexity, check out Chapter 4; and continue on to Chapter 5 to find out how it relates to a randomized graph coloring process.

It’s been an unforgettable journey getting here. Now on to the next adventure!

(The copy below is the “director’s cut” AKA “Rachel’s Version”: Now featuring an index of terms and a few extra colors, not allowed in the official print copy!)

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