Tutoring and Consulting

Tutoring and Consulting

I tutor undergraduates and high school students in Computer Science, Mathematics, Writing, and Standardized Test Prep. I offer the following services:

  • Tutoring in university and high school Mathematics and Computer Science coursework, including standardized testing.
  • College consulting for students (and parents) from grades 9-12 applying to selective colleges and universities.
  • Copyediting for technical and non-technical written material, including personal statements, admissions essays, and scientific writing.

For UC Berkeley students: My most-requested (and favorite) courses are the Theory sequence, especially CS70 and CS170.  However, if I'm currently on the course staff, I cannot tutor it that semester.  Please also note that I cannot offer help on any graded assignments.


I am a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley (GPA 4.0). I received a BS in Applied Mathematics from Yale College in 2016. My teaching experience includes:

Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (CS 70) at UC Berkeley

Artificial Intelligence at Stanford SPCS

Computer Security and Machine Learning at Stanford SPCS

More than 20 original courses designed for Splash at Yale and MIT

 I've also worked as a software developer and researcher at companies including Microsoft and Pixar; for more information, check out my CV.